3D side scroller game movement control problems

Guys, I’m very new to UE4, I’ve been trying to make a 3D side scroller game test just to check how everything works out. I created a blank project and followed UE4 Introduction to Third Person Blueprint game to do the input and character controllers and stuff. I manage to make the character idle/walk/run, jump and some basic items pick up. However, there is a problem with the jump, it doesn’t jump in one axis (Y axis), the walk/run move in Y axis tho.

Here is the link of the game test: - YouTube

If you look at where the character stands at the start, it should be in the the middle of the ground according the grid of the ground. However, you will see in the video, after the character jump and it doesnt land in the middle of the ground any more (it doesnt happen with every jump tho, sometimes it lands in the middle of the ground, but sometime doesnt), therefore, the character cant pick up items. D: How do I set my character to jump in one axis?

Here is a screen shot of MyCharacter event graph http://i.imgur.com/KDoqLXr.jpg

Here is a screen shot of MyCharacter component http://i.imgur.com/xwLVySD.jpg

the second problem is: I press left or right to control my character to go left or right and it faces to the correct direction. However, when I let go of left key, the character faces to right automatically. If you take a look at my character component screen shot, I changed Yaw in Rotation Rate and Orient Rotation to Movement so my character doesnt run backward when I press left key. Before I did this, my character ran backward if I press left key. :frowning: I just want my character walk/run/jump like the 3D side scroller template character does. D:

I’ve been following these tutorials and used in my game test. Just give you an idea what I did to my game.

items pick up: Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - Basic Pickup with Movement - YouTube

camera sway: Blueprints - How to Add Camera Sway / Lag - Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube

character basic movement and set up: - YouTube (I follow this tutorial up till episode 13, then I follow the camera tutorial above)

Moving platform: Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - Basic Moving Platform - YouTube

Please help me, I dont know what I did wrong D:

Hi corakwan,

Check the ‘Planar Movement’ settings under the Defaults section of your character. You should have it set to contrain on one of the axis’s.

These are the default settings in the Side Scroller Template.

Post back and let me know if it works for you.


Cool!!! :smiley: thanks soooo much!! it works!! :smiley:

I found an easy way to do that…
see this :

I hope could help…
ya ali…