3D Side Scroller Creation Help

so im very new to unreal engine and am having trouble trying to create my game.

im using the animation starter pack and would like my character to do somethings.

I need him to Walk with a weapon,
I need him to aim following my mouse,
I need him to crouch with his weapon,
I need him to jog with his weapon,
lastly, I need him to jump with his weapon.

I’ve tried the third person setup, but i feel like the process is a lot more different when setting up a 3d side scroller character. Please help

Short answer: No.

You need to apply two “animations” at once. I put this in brackets because the angle at which to aim is not really an animation but rather a rotation the upper body needs to have applied but in the end you need to move those two parts independently. There is no short and easy answer at least none I know off. You need to learn the animation systems in unreal.

ah, ok, the only issue I have is the animation graph and setting it up, its quite confusing to me