3D Side Scroller - Character Movement X + Y Axis

Hello Everyone,

Last year, I managed to get my sidescroller character moving in a test blueprint on the X and Y axis, by using the InputRight and InputForward events and changing the axis , input settings for arrow keys and unchecking the constraint to plane option. I never saved this because it was just a quick test to make sure I could do it!

I have started greyboxing a level and have tried to implement this same method and it appears there is no MoveForward or even MoveFront input options under the General Sidescroller (not 2D version) blueprint.

I am using the latest version .26 and have gone back to previous versions and this isn’t showing up again.

Has this been removed? Does anyone know how I can now get around this? I am very new to programming, but this was the one thing I was able to work out last time and it is bugging me that I can not again.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @asouthall
not sure, i am on 4:24
but sometime you have to turn off the context sensitive to see the nodes in the search!
And be careful that some nodes are for Pawns and some are for Actors, this was an old test to move an actor, setting some variables with the keyboard press.

You can just set up some axis mapping or action mapping here is the page to understand better Input | Unreal Engine Documentation

Hey mate,

Thanks so much for this, I will look into it further. Appreciate the response and guidance.

  • Amber