3d scanned cave

I am working with a team that have developed a 3d scanner for mobile devices. They scanned the cave and I threw it in UE real quick, added a texture and played around with the lighting. I thought it looked cool for really such little effort

is the texture scanned too? what tech are they using?

Unfortunately it’s not, I really want to work with them on this feature though. The texture is a rock texture from the starter content. The company that developed the hardware is called Knockout Concepts and it’s android based.

Hold on, so they have a 3d scanner that they placed inside of that cave, and it was scanned to produce the cave in that image? That’s awesome!

So this image presents a real cave?

Btw, this is also a cool cave Buraco do Padre - Wikipedia

Sounds to me more like they have an Android app that can create 3D scans using nothing but a mobile or tablet which is even more awesome if it actually works well.

This is a little trippy but looks really cool, especially if you could get the actual rocks image and showcase several kinds of caves. One with ice would look absolutely stunning.

so it isn’t a new hardware device !? its just a normal android device and a android app !!?
that’s look really cool !

That’s correct :slight_smile:

It is a hardware device you attach to your mobile device! They developed hardware and it snaps onto your phone or in this case tablet (nvidia shield I believe?) It is pretty awesome, the time to produce this whole image was very little. I’m actually not sure how long it took to scan the cave but to scan my body only took about 30 seconds so I imagine a couple hours to scan the cave. It’s 1 million polys.

what’s the name of the company?

Very nice, this looks alot more accurate and detailed than the one I saw on the apple app store. The way I am looking into it right now is just from photographs and converting them with agisoft. If they get the texture system working then this will be unbelievable!

The resolution is pretty good, yeah. I created a simple VR prototype a few weeks ago, but the centerpiece on the table in front of you is a snowboarding boot that they also scanned. I have more scans I’m going to be throwing in the engine soon.

Dam 1 million Poly x_x thats alot i would use for cinematic :smiley: