3D run and gun style game: need some help getting off the ground

So, I would like to build a game similar in style to say Contra or Blackthorne but more in the speed of the later. I’m also using this as a learning experience so Ive divided this up in to sections for myself.

Now, I have looked up some tutorials but I sorta keep hitting a wall when it comes to actually getting my guy to actually move.

What I have done is

  • Import a skeletal mesh
  • inport animations
  • create state machines
  • create inputs under the Settings > Project Settings > Engine > Inputs

I guess…the next step would be where I need help and that is in two areas. First…the controls…I have set them up just have no clue how to connect them. Also, just limit movement to one axis so that my character moves left and right.

Also, I would like to tackle the camera as well.

So yeah, any help or points in the right direction would be nice. I also don’t mind restarting if it means making things a bit more simple.

Also, I hope its okay I posted this in this thread since I am working with blueprints. Thanks for taking the time to read this and thanks again for any replies.


See…I tried using that and it sorta just confused me. Or more like it would not let me plug in my skeletal mesh. I don’t mind taking on the basic grunt work though, its all more data to learn.

I’m going to look into what you said however and give it a try. Thank you very much for your reply. If it turns out to be what I’m looking for I’ll mark you as answer and follow through how.

So…I’m now at the event graph and I got nothing.

I have an input axis and I’ve set up the mesh and stuff but I got nothing. Any help or anything I should post up in order to make it easier to help me would be great. :slight_smile:

So the answer was rather simple…even if I still sorta don’t understand what I did. My only problem now is that I have no clue how to call an animation. that is…if I touch nothing…hes is doing what he should be doing and just idle.

If i press right, I wan’t the walk anime to start but I have no clue how to call it…any suggestions?

Hi Mate

Have you gone through any tutorials or YouTube videos that we can reference to help you out?


I have…but this is the part where I get mostly lost. Setting up the animations, character blueprints, and anim blueprints is simple enough. Its just this part that confuses the heck out of me. I mean, some of it is getting easier to understand but I’m still shooting in the wind.

See…this is a perfect example…I noticed that whever I moved my character “Left”, he would sorta twist on the spot or jingle but not when he moved “Right”. So…I guessed this had to do with rotation and I had seen some stuff on a few tutorials but nothing was working…so I came up with my own fix and saw that it still did the same thing.

I started to examine the “add movement Input” node and saw that the target was my pawn or “self”. So I checked out my hero component and saw something that caught my attention under the “Pawn” section in the Details.
“Use Controller Rotation Yaw” was checked…so…I unchecked it and BINGO…my character now rotates in the direction I’m moving.

Half of my problem is fixed…now I just need help with finding out how to make an animation play.