3D Rendering Engineer

At Microsoft, we are continuing to expand our efforts in artificial intelligence with a focus on building an Intelligent Cloud and Intelligent Edge. The Artificial Intelligence and Research (AI+R) division is chartered with ensuring that Microsoft remains at the forefront of AI technologies.

As a new and fast-growing team within this organization, we are applying our best AI research and engineering capabilities to new customer solutions in areas of physical autonomous systems (Autonomous Systems - Microsoft AI).

Our vision is to lead the autonomous systems tidal wave, empowering intelligence within drones, robots, industrial control systems, etc. Our cloud-based solution encompasses components involving intelligence and simulation, including realistic 3D models of physical world.

We are looking for a Principal Engineer to join our team and lead our efforts around providing stunning visual experiences for machine learning as well as for human consumption. The role also provides an opportunity to experience and influence related components like computer vision, simulation engines, sensors, physics engines and controllers.

This is a new business area and team members will have an opportunity to work closely with early customers as we define the product, refine its features, and generalize it to support many vertical industries.