3D renderer for UMG

It will be really useful if we can get a 3d rendering widget where we can assign static mesh or skeletal mesh and put it on our UI to render them. Right now we have to use Render target and then material and if we want a transparent background additional work is required in material and all that.

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Has been asked for a number of times but isn’t possible at the moment due to the way Slate works (it’s basically slapped on top of everything at the end). There’s no 3D Transform or any 3D rendering capability at all in Slate. It’s just marked as one of those “we’d like to, but it’d take a long time and be very difficult” kind of tasks.

The only current solution it seems is to use Render Targets in another hidden area (which is kinda sucky). I too would love to see this believe me!

Correction - it’s not possible because of the way the scene renderer works. This isn’t a Slate issue. What’s needed is to able to render the mesh using a forward rendering pass at will, however that’s not something the UE4 deferred renderer is currently capable of doing, because we don’t compile forward shaders for every material, since conceivably any mesh could be renderered in the UI, you’d need to have a fallback forward shader for every material. It’s a fairly complex problem, but we wants it.

Ohhhhh I see, yeah that makes more sense.

So in theory, is it possible to draw the meshes without any materials at all? I guess you’d have to create a custom UWidget class with a 3D Transform and all that (no idea where to start on that last part though). If that’s already doable, could we maybe just get translucent materials with ForwardLighting set on in there to make it work for the time being?

Well what happened to the FR+ grid attached to the DR to sort out a massive load of other issues anyway?