3d realistic characters

hello, we are looking for new characters for our game.
the designer will have this requirements

  • realistic character from skratch
  • able to create textures for the model.
  • clothes for the character.

we need one design that can do all of this. from start to end.
send me a pm with your portfolio and contact details and i will contact you shortly.

Awesome, can’t wait to chat more with you about this. feel free to check out our sketchfab and/or portfolio as there’s some past characters in there… Will reach out tomorrow though, looking forward to chatting more

Hi, i sent you a PM. HAve you already found a professional?

Best regards!


I sent you a PM. Did you receive it?


Are you still looking for someone to create realistic characters?
If so, here is my portfolio - and I can be contacted via email -

Kind Regards!