3D Realistic Character Designer needed for an exciting horror game

UbiCrystal is hiring a full team for a horror game. The company is based off of Bulgaria. I’m from India. So location really doesn’t matter. The game is already written. There won’t be any waiting period. If we find you’re up for it, we will assign work right away. Experience is not required, but you must have confidence that you’ll be up to the challenge. Employee will not be paid outright. But a share of the revenue earned from sales will be rewarded to each employee accordingly.

**Positions to fill:
3D Character Designer
Programmers (Multiple Programmers required)

**Duration of the project: TBD
**What we expect from the employees:
Communication is the most important part in making a game. The team should freely communicate with each other to maintain a healthy workflow. The models made should be as realistic as possible. Since this is a horror genre, the models will be humanoid with slight disfigurement

3D Character Designer:
The most important part of this game will be the art and the sound. We expect them to be nothing short of exemplary. They’ll have to provide their best work. We need someone who can make high quality environments and 3D characters.

Game mechanics are different in different games. Even more so, when it comes to horror games. Will have to be creative and intelligent. Should be able to cope with the requests of the game designer and deliver steady results

If you want to know more details about the game or if you’re unsure of your role, or if you’re genuinely interested to be part of our team, contact me at