3D product configrator

We want to make 3d configrator with unreal engine for our products.

For exp. http://www.bikeconfig.com/ Most of the companies use Unity engine but we want to use Unreal.

We need help.

We had solidworks 3d drawings, to import them into unreal first i save them in Stl file then convert it to FBX with using Autodesk FBX Converter.

But result as disaster the shape of the product is changed as shown here below, how can i fix this.

second question are you going to make a 3d product configrator tutorial.

looks like your smoothing groups are getting messed up, you could try changing the options for normals on import.

ehhm, but Unity uses a plugin for such “Webapps”.
UE4 does not Support at the moment publishing to the Web/HTML5 (but it will come at some time) - but I haven’t seen anyone (non EPIC) who managed it to compile anything useful into HTML5 so far

So for now you can just go ahead and focus on the general issues you have as the solidworks to .fbx conversion, import pipeline into UE4.
Then to make an “configurator” should not be a big problem, but it is depending on the complexity.