3D positioning of voice chat

I am not programmer I just play UT alpha regularly to burn my bad energy.
I have noticed that people are afraid to use UT voice chat because of spelling issues, not knowing english, too loud or distorted voice or due to feeling of wasting gameplay with own speaking or they current using Teamspeak or Discord. Concluding, the present voice chat is so useless, unnatural and not well designed that I have a lack ov words. Meanwhile 3D positioning of shots, blasts, bots screams in environment is on very high level, I think thanks to OpenAL. So why not assign voice chat directly to gameplay character head? Why not to add voice changers? Why not to make game more unreally tournamental? People will not afraid to talk, scream, roar, hiss even in their own languages. I know why, it is too complicated and nobody has implemented such feature beforeā€¦