3D Police Universal Photorealistic Benchmark

Heloo everybody

So my Laptop was stolen and I was shopping for a new PC preferably a laptop. So I go store to store looking around, guess what? Everywhere; Ffing (sorry!) weak a$$ (sorry!) graphics, who buys this junk? If only I could walk into a store pick up any PC and not worry about its 3D Graphics performance………

What is 3D Police?
3D Police is a multiplatform 3D Graphics Benchmark and smart home Simulator that can measure the graphics performance capabilities of personal computing devices like smartphones and PCs.
3D Police Benchmark will render a photorealistic scene of the iHome , your futuristic home of tomorrow using next gen techniques that enables anyone to measure the 3D performance of their device. 3D Police is currently in development using UE4 in my spare time

more here:http://supacatfilm.blogspot.com/2014/05/3d-police-previously-ihome-tour-this.html
should have said much more ha

and the crude test video is here