3D Platforming Camera

Hi all! I notice that there’s NOT a lot of info concerning 3D platformers in Unreal Engine, but given my history as a developer and 3D platformers as my favorite genre :slight_smile: I’m think I’m doing okay! But I can’t seem to get a proper, camera in place. I have the standard orbit camera in place: MouseX -> Pitch / MouseY -> Yaw. What I want is the camera to NOT move up when the player jumps. And when the player lands on a higher surface, the camera will update its height position, OR when the player is nearly out of bounds from bounce on a pad for instance, it’ll lock with the player until he lands again, like a true 3D platformer camera. I have the lag enabled, which is nice, but I feel as though I may need to manipulate this in such a way to get it working.

If you guys could give me some concrete tips on how to tackle this, then I could post back my work so we can figure this thing out.