3D Platformer | Starter Toolkit

There’s been a few mentions about wanting a 3D platformer template, as there are already plenty of 2D & 2.5D ones. This is a project template that provides you with the basics you need in order to start developing a 3D platformer. With files & folders all neatly categorized, it is designed for easy modification, feature implementation, and adding additional assets.

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  • **Default Platforming character **with pre-programmed double-jump, ledge-grabbing, and basic attacking.
  • Basic enemy unit and AI.
  • Movement, Platforming, & Boss testing example levels.
  • **Overworld Template **with the tools to set up your own adventure right away.
  • Music System
  • Save/Load System
  • Simple Dialogue System

Number of Blueprints: 32

  • 18 Actors
  • 3 Game Modes
  • 2 Controllers
  • 2 Unique Object Classes w/ children
  • BGM Class
  • Dialogue Class

Input: Keyboard, Mouse [Gamepad supported for movement only. No UI gamepad support.]

Network Replicated: No

Development Platforms: **Windows **(Untested on Mac, Android, & IOS)

Target Platforms: Any

Any feedback on the project would be greatly appreciated.

add video to marketplace

Just done! Demonstration video here.

yeah, i bought it. good asset

Update #1

  • Fixed issue with AI not following or attacking the player.
  • Added new Behavior tree for the boss character.
  • Reduced cache/project size from 800mb to 100 mb.