3d plant interaction

im creating a scene where a character walks through some 3d plants - - is there a way to make them react to the contact ?
I searched the forum already but I see only post from 2015 with private video on YouTube a cant access…
I’m in UE5 and I am using a plant collection from Megascan called Boston Fern

thanks in advance

Youtube is literally drowning in tuuts on this

Thanks ClockworkOcean, my plants now interact with a sphere but… is that really the only way to make it interact with my own character? is not accurate at all, I was wondering if I can convert my character (an alembic file from Maya) to perfectly interact with them…

thanks again

So I’m guessing you can use the mesh distance fields from your character ( never tried it ).

Here’s another method, with the character, and some annoying music

thanks a lot :wink:

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