3D palace makes most / all of their tutorials free!

Hey everyone,

Just thought I would inform everyone 3D palace has made most if not all of their tutorial sets Free!

They are currently running off a sponsor based System.

So what does this mean?

  • Sponsor 3D palace and you get to download the tutorials as well as the project files.
  • You support 3D palace and see more tutorials made for the future!

If you have not checked them out already please do!

Website: Link

Youtube: Link

Twitter: Link

Facebook: Link

Forums: LINK

If you can afford it please donate to the 3D-palace. This allows us to keep our website up and provide more free training!

Special Thanks to:

@UnrealEngine](https://twitter.com/UnrealEngine) and @Polycount](https://twitter.com/polycount) on twitter for helping getting the word out about this.

Thanks to the reddit folks over on r/gamedev, r/unrealengine and r/3dsmax.

Thanks everyone,


I didn’t know! Thanks for sharing!

Ah, nice to know.
Thank you for sharing!

Hey welcome!

Hey sorry for the bump but 3D palace just made a bunch more tutorials avaliable for free as of last night.

Here is one of them - null - YouTube

Have fun everyone!

If you want to see some specific tuts - Join us on the 3D palace forums :slight_smile: