3D Ocean Material from Harley Zucculin Junior

The material is full worldScale.

This material does not show tiling (never) as much seen from far as near.

It has return current waves that circulate the island to the central axis. These waves are fully editable. But the user needs to configure the central axis in the world. If I need to create a second or third island the material needs to be instantiated, I have not yet created a solution to this problem, I believe there is a way, but it is not a simple thing.

Automatically adapts to the shape of the island as it collides with water. It will also be fully configurable.

The foam of the sea is also editable, both in the return current and common waves.

The visual part is not ready, I need to adjust a lot.

The basic displacement is still not ready, I can not see it with as many details as possible because of the amount of polygons, even if I turn on the tesselation when I get extremely close to the camera it has some type of defect, I think it must be because of the scale , do not know yet. As for scale, this material is being developed for scales equivalent to World of Warcraft.