3d objects on the screen

Hello guys!

I’m new at UE4 and I’m still trying to learn using the documentation and the youtube tutorials.
Since I have a very basic knowledge in coding I decided to use the blueprints.

For my game I’d like to implement an inventory system with a paused inventory menu where each item 3D model can be showed in a specific position on the screen, regardless of the player’s camera orientation (note: the player camera view must be kept as background).

How can I achieve this with the blueprints?

Thank you for your support, and sorry if the argument has been already treated (I looked everywhere without results). :slight_smile:

Have you looked into doing it this way? Rendering a 3D Model with UMG? - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums

This Render Texture is a really nice feature, thanks :slight_smile: but I’m not sure how can i use it for what i need …

I need something like this (inventory at 1:18) and this this (object pop up at 0:08)