3D Objects on 2D Widget

Is there any way to create a 3D widget, or at least shear away from the screen in Z direction or something of that sort? I’m trying to create something similar to this: http://www.gaminglives.com/wp-content/uploads/split_second_racing_01_enlrg.jpg

I saw there were workarounds using render targets, but that was months ago, is there any way now to do it without having to use those?

There is widget component (clikc “New Component” and search Widget"), but it’s experimental, try it out. Alternativly you can use text components and mix it with some other components to do other graphics and control it with material parameters

The only issue I have with the 3D widgets is that they can’t be implemented as part of your actual HUD as far as I know; I want it that way because I want the HUD to be always showing. If I were to attach a 3D widget in front of the camera to mimic a 3D object in the HUD, and something were to block the view temporarily, it would block the HUD object as well.

Or is there a way to make that work?

Well if you add widget to 3D space it becomes 3D space. Aside of Render Target you might try to project widget positioning to 3D space as well maybe transforms.

In UMG though, transforms only show X and Y, would there be any other way to project the widget to 3D space in UMG? Otherwise I’ll just try to do it in Slate and use transforms there.

Widget could only be 2D and 1-side. Sad but true.