3d monster model with animation needed

Hi everyone,

I hope your all doing well ^^

My demo for my game will be soon ready for public use and that I’m needing some 3d monster modes making asap.

Please don’t message me without having proof of your work.

All payments are done via paypal and that If I’m interested in your work then we can talk more over on discord

Hey hey, what kind of monsters or visual style did you have in mind? Would you be providing the concepts for these or is that something you would be interested in having a little help with?

I sent you a message

Thanks I will take a look and make sure to get back to you. Cheers!

What is the budget for this please?

Please check out my portfolio, I can take on your project! :slight_smile:

I sent you a message

it depends on a number of factors, please message me your work thanks!