3D models not spawning or invisible after updating engine

For some reason after updating to the latest build of Unreal when I run the apk batch file and install to my phone the app runs but when the level loads and it’s supposed to spawn all my puzzle pieces the scene looks empty. The floor plane renders just fine but the models for the puzzle pieces don’t show. They show up fine in the PC testing in editor and they used to work on the phone before the update.

Anybody have any thoughts on what changed recently in the Unreal Engine that would cause my puzzle models to disappear?

More info: The pieces are in blueprints and child objects of other blueprints. Is there some new limit on child objects or something? There is a fancy instanced material on the models that chops the UVs for each piece to the section of the image appropriate for each piece. Again it used to work before the update but maybe new shader limitations popped up or rendering setting needs to be tweaked?
I will keep poking around and testing things but it would be lovely if someone happens to suspect they know what changed that might be affecting me. Thanks.