3D Models from another game

Hey! i´m wondering if it is possible to rip models from another game?

There are tools for it, but the legality is questionable, it’s very illegal to use them in other projects.

I know its not allowed. can u name any tool?

i´m making a private game and i have found a nice looking model

Just talking generals here. Depends on engine and game. Google probably would be your friend.

Doing so goes against the EULA for whichever game it is, unless you have written consent from the developer to do so. If we provided assistance on how to do this on this site, Epic could potentially be legally liable for what you end up doing with it.

For this reason we are not able to help you, and would recommend you adhere to the licence agreements you are bound to. If you ever released anything containing such assets (even for free) you could end up having legal action taken against you.