[3D Models] Free asset every day by MaKiPL [open request]

I’m practicing 3D modelling, so I’m constantly making some props every time I can. To show my love for UE4 community, I’m sharing one asset every day in topic for free with CC Attribution license. I’m also taking requests, in order to practice working with commision. Everything goes, for free, but don’t expect high quality, I’m amateur in 3D Modelling. I’m having hard time with bad lightmap, so some props here can contain bad lightmap info, 4.5 lightmap generation upgrade could be my savior, but it’s not yet released in stable version, so for now I’m using old lightmap UV generation and it’s bad…


Router, Switch or AP (Whatever you name it, it does almost look the same).
UV mapped? YES.
Textured? YES.


Some *** reported  link as it's illegal, but hosting site just doesn't want to retrieve my links. New link below:

.T3D material file created with 4.4.3

Cool, following thread then.

I can think of a few creative uses for a router model in a video game. :slight_smile:

Generic period-agnostic food items (so, e.g., they would fix in modern or medieval settings). Cheese wheels, leg of mutton, berries, radishes etc.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, but I totally didn’t understand your post. Were you asking for plastic food? I could sculpt some. :slight_smile:

Today submission:

Simple delivery Box
Textured? Yes
UV Mapped? Yes

Textured? NO
UV Mapped? Yes



Not plastic :stuck_out_tongue:

I just meant food that won’t be anachronistic in medieval or historical settings - so e.g., bread loaf, rather than a doughnut or something.

Okay, I’ll see what I can do.

Sorry for no yesterday submission. Here’s today one:

Road Sign Triangle (Default texture - A7 - Give way [european] )
Textured? Yes, uses two materials
UV Mapped? Yes, uses two materials.


In reup I added UVTemplate map (.TGA), so future editing by user is easier.

A prison cell would be awesome!

n00854180t, I tried my best to sculpt you some food, but in the end it looked just extremely bad. Only one got made the best from all of them.

Blueberry bowl
Textured? YES
UV Mapped? Not really. It has overlapping UV’s by 4,3 %

Download below

Railing Set
Textured? No
UV Mapped? Yes
You’ll have to use your/other material. It is two materials model. The best model I’ve ever done IMO.



Amblix172, precise it. You need whole decorated room, or PrisonCell Doors, window and prison bed?

Also any modelling tips are appreciated. :slight_smile: I’m learning, so anything could help me.

Awesome - those blueberries look great :slight_smile: Thanks dude.

Today hosting service where I was uploading assets just made me a surprise:

I’m already replied to mail. I don’t get it. It’s like someone said that legal files are illegal. is just funny. ;/

Funny that even though the internet works on a “guilty until proven innocent” system, it’s still full of people sharing copyrighted content. :\

Which model was it? It might have been a bogus DCMA takedown for fun, it could be someone who thinks it actually is infringing, (And let’s be fair I didn’t watch you make it, for all I know it is, though I highly doubt it.) or it could simply match a hash for a legitimately infringing file.

Looks like from the link address, it is the cabinet model (3rd down form the top). Cabinets are so generic that it is possible it looks ‘too similar’ to someone else’s work I guess. :slight_smile:

They have just taken out every one of upload here. Not cabinet, but every model here. Today I reuploaded to private Dropbox account.
I was going to release one model per day, but I think I can’t do every day. I have too much work, school, home work and etc. In free time I already made 3 models that I’m going to release, but for now it’s too late to release anything and I’m going to sleep. I’ll try to do tomorrow. Expect stone wall/fence, and two playground models. is two types of swings as seen here:

source: pl.wikipedia.org

Hi guys, I like the idea. Why not sharing your assets with Sketchfab ? Unreal forums support it :wink:

Unreal Tournament Skaarj - Day 3 Pass 2 by wattmaggle on Sketchfab

Important update!
I changed every asset post here license from CC-BY-SA to CC-BY. Now you can use meshes in commercial way as said in Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (CC-BY)
License info here: Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0

To download models from Sketchfab, please click on model name and “download” below.

Today submissions:

Swing01 by Marcin Gomulak (MaKiPL) on Sketchfab

Swing02 by Marcin Gomulak (MaKiPL) on Sketchfab

Plot Kamienny by Marcin Gomulak (MaKiPL) on Sketchfab

Road_Straight by Marcin Gomulak (MaKiPL) + TEXTURES for road: Dropbox - RoadSTR_TEX.7z - Simplify your life

@WARNING!@ Road texture license warning:
“One or more textures on 3D model have been created with images from CGTextures.com. These images may not be redistributed by default, please visit www.cgtextures.com for more information.”
To summary: You can’t remix texture to your own model, or publish texture without model.

@Thanks to sketchfab. :slight_smile:
@In most cases using ExampleAssets material provided for StarterContent in UE4 does whole texturing job done. Here, multi color models are only to assign many materials, like in swing where that purple is meant to assign there a wood material.

Example use of those assets with better materials:

I was cleaning my desktop and found three unuploaded models, requested by someone from where. I’m sorry, I totally forgot, too much job… :confused:

Sci Fi Sphere Simple2012 by Marcin Gomulak (MaKiPL) on Sketchfab

Sci Fi Tube Simple2012 by Marcin Gomulak (MaKiPL) on Sketchfab

wow , these are awsome …

it would be cool if you can do a hi end gaming pc 3d models

Wow, thanks so much for sharing MaKiPL :slight_smile:

Are you going to continue?