3d models for games how much poly

I am making similar game like Traffic racer so my question is how much verts should car have so it should work normal on tablet?

The UE4 mobile guidelines say that you should keep your triangle count under 500K to maintain 30fps on iPad 4/iPad Air (and their respective Android equivalents).

I would imagine for that type of game you will rarely have more than a dozen cars on the screen so it is safe to use a few thousand triangles for each. With UE4 I suspect that you will more often be limited by the material/shader complexity than geometry, but it always depends. The only way to really know is to build a worst-case scenario prototype scene and run some feasibility tests on the minimum spec hardware you want to support.

Yeah, in my experience on mobile, triangle count is usually not an issue, but texture size and material instructions would be where you want to watch for inefficiencies

Thank you guys!! Great help -