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Hey guys.
I am new here, i start learning Unreal Engine 2 days ago. I am now building a house but i don’t know where do i find things like sofas, beds, chair etc.
And if i made one (With blender, for example.) in which format do i need to export it ? There’re plenty, if i am not mistaken. Or, if i download a 3D model it would be ready to use ?
I really have no idea what i have to do, where to start. I will be glad if someone help me out on this.

Sorry for my bad English :cool:

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-you have to export it as a fbx or obj file
the content from the marketplace -> game ready

Most mostly they are not game ready -> so you will have to modify them (e.g decrease the tri count, add lightmap,…) :slight_smile:
When you want to create your own meshes, take a look at some basic tutorials and then start playing around -> learning by doing

Hi and welcome to Unreal Engine 4! :smiley:

As pointed out there are online resources for finding free models. I’ve seen this one (://www.yobi3d/#!/) advertised before and it’s pretty cool. When you search it lists a bunch of sites that have the mesh (some require subscriptions or at least a free account). When you want to check the mesh out it will give you a 3D preview that you can rotate around in your browser window.

FBX or OBJ are the preferred formats. FBX will have more functionality than OBJ though.

I would say that the majority of meshes that are available for free are NOT Game-Ready. Often times they are poorly modeled, have junk UVs for textures and lightmaps (2nd UV). Not having a good layout for the lightmap UV will lead to lighting and shading errors on your mesh. This can cause a lot of frustration and headaches if you’re not familiar with this. If you use anything from these free model sites I would recommend cleaning up the mesh in another modeling application and also making sure that you have the rights to use it in your games if you ever plan to sell anything.

As mentioned the Marketplace Content is already setup and verified to be Game-Ready. :slight_smile:

Feel free to ask questions if you have them. We’re glad to help out!

Another place to look. A directory is on the right.