3d Modelling in UE4

I would like to have a 3d modelling program built into UE4. That way we could make new meshes without having to mess around with other 3d modelling programs and importing them into the game.

While I don’t think a full fledged 3d modeling app would be appropriate for UE4, I do think some basic functionality, with the ability to extend through plugins, would be a very nice thing.

There is some basic functionality, and at some point they were looking to improve it though I think that’s been put on the backburner. But in any case, you would benefit much more from using a separate 3D modeling software which has had years of development for that purpose and is far better suited for it.

Even if Epic added it, you’d still have to learn to master it… And it could have its own peculiar pipeline different from anything else.
This might not matter for simple meshes, but rigging vehicles and characters along with animation work might make this quite tricky…