3D Modellers, Programmers and Animators needed

Hi, I lead a team making a sci fi fps/rpg game, and I need:

  1. Unreal Programmers to work on gameplay mechanics, scripting, UI and Level Design
  2. Animators to make movements and facial animations, cutscenes would be a huge plus.
  3. 3d Modellers: Sculpters, someone who can export from Zbrush to Blender, character Texturers, and modellers who can UV, rig, and retopo as needed.

My game is (two) story driven campaigns with anti heroes influenced by the likes of Bioshock, Dishonored in gameplay, Mass Effect, Vtmb, Deus Ex and Heavy Rain.
Your requirements would be to respond to message, update frequently about your progress, and be transparent about your availability.
We need people with skill, curiousity, and patience to work on something until it’s perfect.

Please consider joining us through here (we’ll answer all your questions there):

Thanks ahead :smiley: