3D Modeller / Surface Author looking for a modding team

Hi guys, I have a few hours per week to spend developing my modelling and material creation skills. I love Mars and this modding opportunity has inspired me to focus my intent to develop skills while contributing to something with a purpose as opposed to little fragmented projects here and there.

I am looking to join a team of designers and developers who wish to work on modding this game/experience. Preferably a mod that involves a mix of man-made and natural elements. The recommended ‘ISRU: WATER MINING STATION’ project as outlined in the Developer’s Handbook sounds particularly interesting and I will probably start working on this myself in terms of design. I probably won’t get it working however if I work alone.

I can design and model most things man-made and have a pretty good grasp on organic/natural subject modelling now. My surface work is fairly basic but this is relatively new to me and I’m learning/improving all the time.

For a glimpse at what I could bring (including a few attempts at building my own Martian terrain and dynamic shader), check out my non-exhaustive portfolio: http://s605353745.websitehome.co.uk/jfield/blog/ - terrible web address I know, will be purchasing a new domain soon.

Just reply here if you’re interesting in teaming up!