3D Modeller looking for Programmer


  • Player steers futuristic Motorcycle
  • Motorcycle fires weapon
  • Other motorcycles explode when in contact with missile
  • General World Gravity doesn’t exist
  • Motorcycle sort of sticks to track… like magnetic… or what else
  • Gamepad game

Team name:
Michael and his Vega64 graphics card (no Trademark)

Team structure:
Michael Jones (Project Creator)
Project Management, Game Design, GML Coder, General Graphics Designer, Audio Composer, Upholsterer - 10 years +

Previous Work:

  • SpaceBattery (PC 2001)
  • SpaceBattery 2 (PC 2005)
  • Orb (iPhone 2009)
  • YapAway (iPhone 2009)
  • ArcNebula 2010 (only ever made it to Siggraph as OpenGLES demo for iPhone)
  • SpaceBattery X 2012 (PC MMORPGFPS)
  • CodeEvergreen (XBox 2017 - Horror)

Talent required:
Programmer (1)

  • Ability to translate Hardware-CPU-Chinese into English language
  • Make a track segment apply its own physics onto another object which touches it at the time.
  • Enjoy working with a 3D modeller that knows everything better… until proven wrong.

I should avoid posting a link to my Facebook page (even though it shows the whole scope of what it is that I do)…
…so I give you my ArtStation and check out what I did recently:

Private Message please.

Edit: I hope that I may put some quick side notes into this post.

  1. This position is marked as “UNPAID”… which literally means that there is no pay throughout development. I want to create a short and sweet little tech demo and submit this to the right people. If this goes somewhere and we strike gold… or most likely copper, it’ll be shared.
  2. …also this little project is meant to be a short term project (see paragraph 1)… like I wrote before, making a short demo which plays and looks good. I am not a big fan of the mammoth project approach.

now I am outta here