3d Modeler/Texture Artist LFW

Hello my work can be found here . I’m looking to build up my portfolio and I need a project to help me keep pace. Please have your stuff together if you contact me. I need concepts, poly count limit, and texel density if you want me to texture. I don’t have a lot of free; So I don’t want to spend it not modeling or texturing. If you’ve looked at my Artstation I mainly try and do realistic. Let me know if you have a need for me. Contact me through my ArtStation please.

hello ,gemini studios wil like to hire you for a racing game what do you think unpaid for now might change to royalty .high tech racing game futuristic vehicles intense locations .

Hello, me and my team working on a cyberpunk game maybe you are interested in it and know more about it if so let me know !

I’m working on a psych horror game, currently alone. I need at least one artist, and your realistic style is what I’m looking for in terms of art style. I have all my major systems in place, and I’m working on doing what art I can do. If you’re interested or want to know more, please do email me at Thanks!