3D Modeler needed - 3D Animated Series

Hey everyone! Hollow Robot here,

We need YOU to model a head for our main character!

Right now, we are only asking for someone to model the face, head, and neck, and properly connect it to our existing body mesh. We are going to be needing efficient topology in order for us to execute realistic blend shapes and facial expressions. Our art style mimics an in-between style of Pixar and Overwatch. We are of course looking for someone who works well with a team, is around for multiple revisions (if needed), and able to utilize Discord as a main avenue for communication. This IS a one-time paid commission.

Our fixed rate will be negotiable upon approval. We are a small indie team, so we are willing to pay for it within a price that’s affordable. However, it is definitely a fair amount that we can negotiate.


  • Able to model in Maya.
  • A Head, Face and Neck with efficient topology that caters to animation/deformation.
  • Blendshapes for the face that we can utilize for rigging.

To apply for the position you can send us an email at [EMAIL=“”] or contact myself on Discord at MartynTranter#8283

Hiya I’ve added you on Discord, would love to chat more about this position :slight_smile:

  • Finn