3d modeler looking for single or team

I’m a 3d modeler from the uk whos looking for a dedicated team or even just one person capible of using the Ark dev kit.

For alittle backgeound I’ve been playing with some ideas and have made a few custom machines, I’ve taught myself some very basic dev kit mechanics and I want to push it further aswell as my modeling and texturing skills, I’ve decided to try and split the workload and concerntrate on the modeling side.

My mod currently focuses on mid game machines that assist with resource processing, such as cutting wood into planks, macerating ore into dust etc, I have plans for further machines and adaptions to already established materials

What I’d like is to find someone who I can bounce ideas off of and to keep each other motivated in the long term, I currently do an hour of Maya 3d training in the morning and a few hours once I get back from work, I’d like to push my skills and eventually get to the stage where anything can be achieved through team work.

I’ve made high poly work and static models is what I’ve always done but I’m going to break this mold and attempt to create some animated creatures depending on requirements of the mod, below is my development blog and wiki for the current machines.

On there in the menu there is a link to the wiki, workshop and my own server.

If you got this far thanks for reading


Example of one of my high poly models attached