3D modeler, Generalist, Animator, BP Programmer.

Hello, my name is Sander and I’m looking for freelance work.
My main expertise is modelling but I have the knowledge in animations, materials (Substance Designer), textures (Substance Painter), Logo/art work designs, video edits and blueprint scripts.

**Skills **
3ds Max | 9 years
Substance Designer | 1.5 years
Substance Painter | 2 years
Unity | 3 years
Unreal Engine 4 | 2 years
Various Adobe Software | 2-11 years
Speedtree | 1 year

Various 3D model Freelancer jobs for mobile games | 2014 - 2016

EmergeNYC. | 2014 - 2016
Worked on this project for 2 years mainly improving modeling skills, learned substance painter and the Unity engine, after 2 years left and decided to start my own project called Responding.

**Visionary Studios. ** | 2016 - present day
Working on a personal project called Responding this is being developed in Unreal Engine 4, here I mainly improved my substance tool skills and the ability to use animation blueprints, blueprint scripting, level design and more.

**Various Art and logo design jobs. ** | 2018 - present day.
For small businesses such as Feel & Care, Anderdox, Sub, Hardslag and I Got Me.

I prefer to be contacted through Art-Station, otherwise you can contact me on twitter or add me on discord.
Links and Portfolio

Discord: DySands#9670

Currently available again.