3D model search engine

Hello all, we launched a 3D model search engine, which finds 3D models on the Internet with simple keyword search. The models can be previewed right on your browser without any plugins! (Chrome and Firefox recommended).

Here’s the link:

Almost all the models are high-poly, probably triangulated too.

It is an interesting tool but maybe it would more than usefull to add a bit selection options like file type and maybe have a look too on multiple word search results.

Anyway, thanks for the share.

Yes, as Fen said, it would be good to filter by type (or types).

Nice site, though. Bookmarked.

Awesome site! It saves a lot of time having a search engine like this that pulls up results from multiple sites rather than having to search each site individually one-by-one. Thanks for sharing!

That’s awesome!

+1 for the filter :slight_smile:

thank you :wink:

Excellent work sir!

Very cool, thanks for making this! It will definitely come in handy! :wink:

I must say though, I found this line of the Terms of Use a little bit amusing:

I know you have to cover yourself against everything (there are a lot of wacko’s out there), but the thought of “bodily harm or death” from a 3d model search engine got me thinking of how this could ever really happen in real life. All I could come up with is maybe being electrocuted by your computer while browsing the web page, or browsing the page while driving… Although I wouldn’t be surprised to hear a story of someone deciding to sue the search engine over something like this, there have been some really crazy lawsuits going on recently! :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks, really nice and helpfull !

Thanks everyone for the feedback. Site now can filter out the file extension by adding “extension:type” in search query. For example,

“extension:max and tank”!/search?q=extension:max%20and%20tank

“extension:blend and ship”!/search?q=extension:blend%20and%20ship

We will provide a advanced search interface soon. Other feedback are all welcomed!

Oh yeah ! Really great job. definitely bookmarked at top of my “mesh hunt” folder.

With a select interface it will be perfect.

Great Search Engine! Thanks!

Btw, we have the filters implemented. On the search result screen, there’s a triangle next to the search box. Click on the button, you’ll see a list of filter you can choose from, e.g. file type, vertices, polygons count.

Very nice!! Works very good. Thanks for this cool search engine :slight_smile:

Awesome! Where are these models pulled from? sites like turbosquid and 3dstudio?

They are from more than 300 websites all over the world!

Thanks for this

We’ve added textures to the 3D models, please come back a take a look!

Incredible work. I bookmarked it :slight_smile: