3D model inspect in UI.


I have a question about UMG. I want to make, show any 3D model of my project in 2D user interface (for “inspect item” feature in game.). I searched about it and I found this:
But this is not good solution. Is there any good and stable way to make it? Does Unreal Engine support it as native feature? You can watch it for understand what I want: (1:30 minute.)


Why isn’t the blog option workable? That is the only way to render 3D objects onto the UI currently. You have to do a fully deferred render pass to render objects correctly in the engine on all the platforms that support that pipeline. So you have to resolve to a render target. You have to mask, because the engine can’t spare the alpha channel on the backbuffer currently, it uses more bits of R/G/B, to have higher color accuracy and reduce color banding.

The video you linked does not have the objects being rendered on top of the UI. The objects continue to render in the world, simply closer to the camera. They adjust the post processing volume to draw in the focus distance and cause the area behind the inspected object to become blurry.

Thank you sir.

We have a “inspect object” menu in our game, we did it by putting the UI’s background in 3D, behind the object. The UI is technically drawn on top of the object but you usually don’t want an object hiding buttons anyway…

Thanks for answer and advice.

I worked on a similar feature and used the Render Target solution aswell, the important thing is that you adjust your lightning properly to prevent the background color from creating a border around your 3D model. The tutorial you linked seems to be slightly outdated, but you probaly already noticed that. The material you create from the render target, will need to have it’s Material Domain set to User Interface and Blend Mode set to Translucent. Other than that the tutorial seems to cover most of it pretty well.