3D mobile Christmas project

Small Studio looking for few talented or new developers that are looking into industry that have free time, looking for fun collaborative teamwork for a seasonal project to help grow our studio in making our first game possible. We have most part things set up when you join the project just finishing touches and make sure that game works as planned. If so we can easily switch to Royalty if all development reaches final before due date.

A little boy that saves Christmas by recovering the stolen presents. He has one last task to do before his mission is the successful ride down a huge hill down to elf town, and save as many Christmas presents as possible. On his ride down he will encounter other evil elves that will try and steal back the presents and stop him, lucky his special sled has a secret weapon stored inside to fight them off. While down the hill he bypass traps, ledges, take passages to reach to his destination and save Christmas.

Programmer C++ or Unreal Blueprints
To make the game playable and implement the features that are planned to be in the game.
Requirements: Who has an understanding use of either Visual Studios C++ or Blueprint Unreal Engine.

Who can make character, or object come to life with movement on key frames to get things to move, or react by curtain scenarios.
Requirements: Must have understanding of 3D animation software (your preference) export to FBX files for game engine.

Please email me with the link below if you have any questions, or want to join provide skype information and I will get back to you as soon as possible with more details and due dates for tasks to get closer to final due date release.


Character reference for character to be rigged and animated.

So, if this isn’t paid, is this rev-share ?

Interesting question Dhully, this is still an unpaid project and maybe more likely be set to market for free. However, there’s stages of development that we have listed, and if all goes well to final stage of stable development before due date, the project will be planned to release with profit share.