3D Menu Prototype

Hiho i want to share my work on a 3D Menu with you. This is a first Prototype to show the concept of this. Its all done entirely in Blueprint. The Material is 1 Texture.

The next step will be some cool animations, like wave blend in another menu, and sparation of “Buttons” and the Menu Art.

Anyway ill try to keep this thread updated, and will gladly take any comments, critique or whatever

… srsly 1 Video per post :(?

#Menu Blending Anmiation

Next thing will be Buttons, Switches and Sliders :slight_smile:

Cool system.

How do you do this?

Well the Animated Mesh itself is a instanced mesh wich contains an ammount of X and Y tiling meshes (planes in this example). The big problem is the Material, because we cant assign a custom material to a InstancedMesh Instance. I just created a material wich alignes to the World and shift it wich an X and Y variable to the location i need it to be and voila every tile has a custom texture :). The Animation of the tile is done by spawning an extra blueprint wich animates a tile and destroys itself afterwards.

This for example is the Single Bounce/Rotate a Tile from the first Video. Inside the Worker Blueprint

I had a feeling it was based on a single tile that was instanced, but I wasn’t sure how you went about the texture. I wasn’t aware there even were UV operations in UE. Rad!

Nice work on this.

If you want a little extra challenge you can try incorporating iTween for moving/rotating the tiles. It works the same, by instantiating worker actors who then destroy themselves, but you have full control over the easing. If you end up using iTween, I’d love to see what a creative mind like yours can come up with for transition effects.

iTween for UE4

ill have a look into that :slight_smile: