3d menu character select. How to do it?

I’ve searched a lot but didn’t found any tutorials or examples of menu. I need Lobbymenu like Fortnite or Apex that views characters in 3D. Is there any tutorials for this kind of menus? Or How to do it?

In unreal, menus (UMG) are always on top of the 3D graphics.

The way to do this is RenderTargets.

You basically set up a special camera that can only see specific things you choose (your character), and converts it in realtime into a live texture that you can then use in menus and such.

Is there any suggestions to add ?

I think rendertargets are the way to go. Or create a special level as your menu with a fixed camera position and put the elements (like buttons, text and 3D models) in 3D space. But I still think rendertargets are a nicer way. Then you could also render 3D models in buttons for example.