3D max theme for blender?

I can’t express enough how horrible the blender interface is, and the fact that some people don’t agree with that just leaves me with a psychological trauma. I mean, I undestand that they are just hipsters, but it makes me type in google “blender sucks” a few times every day during the last month just to see how much people agrees with me, it makes feel better, my trauma eases.

Since even Unreal Engine 4 is a better tool for modelling than blender, and I create models with bsp brushes 1000 times faster than I ever would in blender, blender is just plain horrible and useless.
Now, I want to make some models for my games that Unreal Engine 4 is not capable doing of. I need some smooth edges, some other stuff. Can’t afford anything else than blender, so I am looking for a way to make it’s user interface usable. I heard that there are some 3D max themes that fix the horrible interface.
What’s your experience & where to get? Hope my post gives an idea to some people that they can install a theme and start using blender.

I’d probably check the Blender forums since they’ll have more info on that type of thing