3d max connection plugin

Hello guys,
Can’t understand why UE4 have no plugins for connection 3d max. (May be Maya, Blender, etc. have no too. I’m not use them.) As I know Unity have.
For instance, I want to create full scene in 3d max and then just export it to the engine with saved Instances and Pivots of every object!
It’s very annoying to make extra job for building scene again in engine.
Please, let me know, why you still have no this feature in 2017?
Thank you!

Best regards,

While a single-click button would be great (would possibly be the other way around, with a Send to UE4 button in 3ds Max like they have where you can send to Maya/Zbrush/Mudbox)
Currently you can use the Scene Import option which is can do what you need:
It maintains position and instances

It is very interesting and looks powerful. Never before saw it.
I will check.
Thank you for the information!