3D Max Apex Cloth Pipeline?

Thank you in advance for any help and/or guidance… I am sorry to bother you all with this question. I have been looking for a solution for this issue for months and it’s time to ask for help.

I have a character that wears cloth which is skinned and is exported as a separate mesh from the character. When I go into unreal, I use the skeleton of the character mesh for the skinned 3d fabric mesh. When i open up the magenta fabric asset, I click the Selection Section button and I am trying to select 1 piece of cloth. nothing selects.

I am looking for a current tutorial as to how to export a cloth mesh out of max and bring it into unreal… *specific to cloth. I already have working characters with over 20 animations working in unreal, *so I do not need to learn how to export them from scratch. I only need to know how to export the fabric out of unreal. I know about the NVIDIA Apex Plugin back from 2014 and downloaded it… are we still doing this in 2020?

Here is what I already know about:

In each of these circumstances, the artist already has something in their cloth list and they didn’t have ‘how to get it out of max’ included in their tutorial. Thank you for your direction.

Please don’t bring Maya into this. It won’t be helpful