3D Mark added an API overhead test and Vulkan shows +15x drawcalls than DX11

Futurmark just included a new API overhead test to compare how many drawcalls can your system process using DX11, DX12 & Vulkan.

Judging by other people’s results, DX12 & Vulkan perform more than 15 times better than DX11.

It’s kinda frustrating. We are hearing about the pros of to the metal APIs for years. it had been the big sales argument for Windows 10 and still DX12 is barely used at this point and even if it’s used, it barely ever performs better than DX11. In most cases it has been way worse or no difference at all. I know the fault lies with Microsoft just as much as it is with nvidias drivers and their lack of core features. I really hope we will get a taste of DX12 and Vulkan at some point, that actually makes them worth the trouble.