3D Lut .cube Engine Comparability?

Hey folks,

I’ve recently generated some 3D luts that are in .cube format. Any hints how to make the work inside the engine?

Nothing? +( really hard to google that out or find out

1 week later, my final bump, really no one knows?


As far as I understand, what 3d luts are, you could import them, if you can convert the .cube format to a png format.
Here is a little more info about that: Color Grading and the Filmic Tonemapper in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

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Hey @Kirahirasai

Thanks for passing by! I’ve checked the documentation about LUTs, but maybe I’m missing something fundamental.

Here’s a better idea what I mean.

  1. Exporting the desired results from Davinci

  2. The exported file format is .cube as shown the image bellow

3. How to make that lut configuration work inside the UE4 which uses .png?


Hey sarfios, here are the screenshots.


This is so freaking nice of you!!! Thanks a lot. I’ve just saw the thread… because was expecting PM. Thank you a lot!!! You’re awesome!

Wow RAMDAC, Thanks so much for this. Never would have figured it out.

Hi thread, is there any chance someone could repost the method? Unfortunately @anonymous_user_2659ab0a ‘s screen shot is not visible.

Just export as some other format, like a .png/.hdr longlat cubemap.