3D Human Model

I was just wondering if someone could help me figure out where I would go in order to create a 3D character model. I don’t need to do animation, just making a 3D model of a character…a human being. Thanks!

Try Mixamo Fuse … I use it all the time and I am very happy with the results: https://www.mixamo/fuse

I’m another Mixamo Fuse user. It’s also free on Steam.


There is also MakeHuman, a free modelling program, but it takes a lot more work. (You get out of it what you put in).

I tried it, but I’m having trouble getting the texture off of “substance” so I can look at the others, like “metal” and “patterns”. Basically, I’m trying to create a 3D model of a made-up superhero my daughter has invented. But I can’t seem to get skin textures right. Couldn’t find anything in the help documentation, either.

The rough order to create a 3d character is:

  1. create a high poly mesh
  2. bake the textures (normal map, AO,…) + uv map it
  3. make it low poly
  4. import everything
  5. set up the materials

What exactly is your problem with the skin texture? -> make sure to use the skin shading mode in the material so that you get a good result :slight_smile: