3D Hardsurface / Texture Artist avaible for side gig.

Hi. My name is Martin and I’m a 3D hardsurface general artist. I’m looking for some freelance job.

I have 3 years of profesional experience in both PC and Mobile projects. I prefeer working on a a per model basis.

Skill set:

  • Low Poly modeling
  • High Poly modeling
  • Standard / PBR texturing
  • UV mapping
  • Mesh optimalization

My work covers: environmental industrial props, weapons, vehicles, texturing, UV mapping, optimalization.

Portfolio -

****Contact me:

My Work:;base64;base64;base64;base64;base64;base64;base64;base64;base64;base64;base64;base64;base64

Some Mobile Work:;base64;base64