3D Hard Surface Modeler

Last Work:
Crypt - [14/12/2018]

Crypt by Clayman on Sketchfab

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Hello everyone,

im an 3D Hard Surface Modeler and im looking for a cool project to work with

I work mainly with the following programs:

  • 3Ds Max
  • zBrush

Please contact me per Private Message or: Discord: Clayman#0745

I have Royaly-Based Project working small - Then growing to a full-Fledged “AA” - “AAA” Title, Indie Of Course, but Focus Entertainment or Warner Brothers ( think it’s the Wayans Brotherts now) wouldn’t bee too shy about picking it up… your work is solid, wouldn’t mind you joining the newly-formed team as a prop modeller for environment detailing… Game will be set in Urban USA, and could use the work-flow of a convex Hard-Surface Modeller such as yourself.

See my Posting here:…-2d-3d-artists

OR Join my Dioscord where we can discusss payment and workload options, here: