3D Hand Painted Texture Creature Artist (s)


We’re a small UK based Indie Studio developing a 2.5d digital card game. We are currently looking for one or more 3D character artists who specialize in modeling and producing hand painted textures and specifically modeling creatures. We may hire more than one artist as though we would only require a model or two from the artist to build our prototype, many more will be required in the near future. The job would probably not start until October but we are currently canvassing artists (normally we find our artist(s) by looking through their online portfolios and emailing them but most of the ones we’ve liked so far work at Blizzard!).

The most important aspect to us is quality, we realize this will cost but this project is aiming for a very beautiful aesthetic. It’s not quite WoW aesthetics which are a little too cartoony, but more painterly and in the style of studio Ghibli. The models will be in a side on perspective (like Ori and the Blind Forest) and as such need to match the backgrounds (which are not too dissimilar from Ori and the Blind Forest but slightly more detailed) so they could be mistaken for 2D sprites.

This job is for modeling, UV unwrapping and texturing the model (rigging and animating are not required). Our budget is flexible but we are an Indie so it’s not unlimited so bear this in mind when quoting us prices! Rather than a wall of text, below is a google doc links to the job application if you’re still interested (it’s still rather long though sorry!).

Contact details and what the job entails are in the above document, please send us an email (not private message) if you are interested and be sure to answer all the questions, especially the ones with regards to price and turn over time!

We apologize in advance if we are unable to get back to you.

Frost9 Studios