3D Generalist

We are looking for a 3D Generalist to work for 6-8 weeks creating shots for a documentary TV series. The show is similar to “Ancient Aliens” where we will have a lot of interviews and CG re-enactments. We want to also have CG sets that we can use like the mandolorian (except on green screen, not LED screens). We are doing 13 episodes at 23 minutes each. So we imagine it will be about 2 hours of finished work. To speed up the process, we can use pre-made models on the Unreal Marketplace as well.

We’d like to know your rate per week. This is available worldwide but if you are in Los Angeles and can work in our office, please let us know.

Thank you!

I may be able to help you out, depending on what your needs are. I’m an environment artist with experience in virtual production and cinematic sequences. You can see some of my work on my Artstation page, I believe there are some projects that may be quite similar to what you are trying to achieve.

I’d love to discuss more with you over email!