3D Generalist

**Skillset(s): **3D props/environment/characters/texture art and graphics design.

  • 2 years in game industry fulfilling many roles and tasks learning new skills along the way and a brief stint with a mobile game as the graphics designer. 3D realistic game ready props and level design in UE4 is my favourable trade.

Previous Work:

Hexalution for mobile (2016):

I was employed as a graphic designer for the UI and game assets for a phone game that sadly didn’t see a release despite the game itself being fully functional. The programmer/project manager got a “fulltime job” and abandoned it.

TV Stream Network (mid 2016):

Key framing for glasses-less tv films and game demos. The work involved depth mapping film sequences for 3d processing effects using stereoscopic technology.

Kikai - An unusual story (2017-2019):

For the vast majority of my work in the game industry was on this project as a 3D modeller/ level designer. During 2018 I became the character artist creating the 3 main featured characters in the game. The game consists of a complex multi-level public building with various rooms and functions to which the main character can explore.

UE4 forums:…-unusual-story


Sketchfab: 3D models by djinghis (@djinghis) - Sketchfab

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Additional Information:

I’m only accepting paid work at the moment unless you have a strong GDD and payment pathway.

Comments welcome!

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Thanks Stephen