3D Generalist for Games - Environment & Props Artist


I’m Robert, and thanks for viewing my page!

I am a Bachelors level artist of Game Art & Design from the Art Institute of Colorado, and I have artwork that has been on exhibit at the Pentagon in Washington D.C., as well as artwork that is on display (past and present) in the halls of the Intel Corporation. Recently, I have been the Producer & Game Designer for a Steam game called ABD: A Beautiful Day. Former works include:

Major Projects:

ABD: A Beautiful Day - Steam: Producer & Game Designer
Breaking Point - Mod - Arma 3: 3D Artist & Game Design
Insurgency: Source - Mod - Source Engine: Texture Artist
Black Mesa: Source - Mod - Source Engine: Texture Artist
Forgotten Hope - Mod - Battlefield 1942: Texture Artist
Desert Combat - Mod - Battlefield 1942: Texture Artist Intern

I’m back on the market looking for new and exciting projects, and I’d love to hear from you!


Areas of Expertise:
Project Management
Game Design
Concept Art
Matte Painting
UI Asset Creation

Software (Full License)
Autodesk: Maya LT
Substance Designer
Substance Painter
Adobe Master Collection: Photoshop, Illustrator, Bridge, InDesign, etc.

-Robert Bonner

For consultation, you can reach me on Skype: BillyBobBonner

PS: ATTENTION MODDERS - If you’ve got a really cool concept and need some expertise, I’m ALWAYS willing to give back to the modification community. I got my start with modifications, and getting some tips and tricks from pro’s back in the day really motivated me into the career I now have. Granted, I’m broke - BUT I LOVE WHAT I DO! If you’ve got a mod you think could benefit from my expertise, please contact me.

I am seriously impressed by your portfolio, you seem the kind of guy we may look for…when we’ll be able to afford it!

Two notes tho: images seem small, that’s not ideal for a portfolio (yes I clicked!).
You could provide more examples of your texturing skill.

Saving your contact meanwhile :slight_smile:

Just a question, how somebody with your skills and expertise hasn’t landed a job in the industry, atleast in a job position?

Hey there! Sorry I missed this, I’ve been quite busy and haven’t been back to check up or update my work. Thank you for your kind words, I appreciate the props! Generally speaking, industry jobs are 3-6 month contracts where they use you for what they need then you’re abandoned; having moved to a new city and now jobless. I’m married, and I like to spend as much time as I can with my wife while balancing a healthy lifestyle. For the most part industry jobs are great, lovely benefits, fun environment; sometimes you get free chips or snacks and cola - just what you shouldn’t be eating while having a job SITTING ALL DAY! haha!

All in all, its really exciting doing Indie Games. Lots of diversity, lots of challenges, you get to meet all kinds of people.

Strange, the previews do not enlarge. I’ll be uploading these to my portfolio…

Available again!

Finished Texture & Materials:

Seems like theres a serious problem uploading content lately!

Available Again


More work:

Check out the Sketchfab 3D View here:




Available again.

Available Again.

Available again.

Available again.



Available Again.



Available again.

Hitting all kinds of projects. It’s been a pleasure. Can’t wait to work on more and different angles here! Available again, and even more excited!

Available again - really meeting some very exciting people. Looking forward to further projects! Stay tuned for some really exciting asset pack work!

Available starting the middle of next week! 4/4/2016-4/7/2016 Range.


Work update:



Available again! Looking for short or long term projects, definitely interested in both. I’ve also updated my portfolio, would love feedback!

Available again! Looking to show off some ZBrush models.